Mullets in Cricket

Nuggets of Australiana continue to be a welcome diversion to shake oneself from the oft over-politically-correct and irony-bankrupt American consciousness. I have my good pal the Rev to thank for this one. Knowing all too well my penchant for long, luscious neck blankets and 80s ear party moolays, this contribution focusses on the illustrious and much romanticised history of the mullet in cricket circles.

Mullets are reasonably rife here in Queens, a hotbed of hispanic ape drapes. The rest of New York, not so much.

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Brooski said...

As I recall, Mr Dool, you did at one time have a spectacular, DIY, mullet. It may not have lived up to Dizzy's standards, but you were very much at home with the rest of Espana...