Claymation Manboob

Ten years ago i wrote a tune called 'Captain Manboob', expounding the goodwill adventures of a superhero whose weapon of choice was a mammoth set of breasts, housed in pink spandex, adorned with yellow cape and menacing standard issue hockey mask.

The Manboob anthem was 99% Fat's early showstopper, the culmination of our early 35 minute sets at Skabar, regularly accompanied with by the visual spectacle of our mate Jim circumscribed in hot pink lycra, showering the first few rows in beer . (Thanks again to the lovely Nae for the laborious sewing and ongoing mending of that fine, one of a kind costume).

As these bones and britches get older, relics from the past seem to pop up with fury from out of nowhere to thrust me back into a world of nostalgic reflection.

I was thrilled to find recently that our old buddy Al, of Al and Bushy fame (iconic Melbourne ska fans circa 1999 - 2004) has stuck up a project from his animation course years ago on YouTube.

The claymation visual accompaniment to the Captain Manboob tale.

For posterity, and nostalgia...enjoy...

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Tom said...

haven't watched that in ages!

my favourite part is when the boobs do the "dusting your hands" move after kicking Emperor Bald's ass.