Have Beard; Will Travel

Alright guys, it's been a juicy pleasure pumping out the odd harangue and onslaught on this sucker for the past couple of months.

Alas, the transformation underlying the recent eclipse season has completely overhauled daily life over here in Woodside. People are moving, shifting and altering their patterns left right and centre. And, in line with the trend, we're packing up for a couple of months and getting the heck outta here.

Destination: the secluded woods of Minnesota.

Whereas people who go to 'Montana' to live in a cabin turn out to be the Unabomber and whatnot, cabin fever in Minnesota is generally a far less criminal escapade.

New York has been a phenomenal time; wild, electric and transforming, sometimes a little too much. Having 14 planes scream over our apartment roof en route to LaGuardia between the hour of 10 and 11 in the PM gets a little overbearing after a while.

The plan is to get away from the big city madness and counter it with a rendezvous with the natural world in a cabin on a secluded lake.

Stargazing, soul nourishing, writing, painting, creating, guitaring, blaring sax through the woods, zenning out, fishing and - judging from Sarah's father's proclivity towards firearms - a decent few rounds of shooting.

It's a recipe for a good life.

So consider this a little breather from regular proceedings as i get all Bon Iver and lock myself away for a while.

The beard is rife and ready for the challenge.

And Remember: Life's too short to not be making love, making art or making a difference. Free your Henri Lee...

I'll be back when i'm back.

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