Bacchus Beats Pigasus

Dear Folks,

We're back in business. Sorry for the lack.

Though the Pugwall expose was a tough one to follow up, it wasn't the sole reason for my week-long absence.

Last Sunday I copped a hit of Swine Flu. Not officially, but this is what i'm telling people, and it makes a better story this way.

Thankfully, like Rupert Grint from Harry Potter, I was able to nip it in the bud with a weeks worth of sleeping, dozing and indulging in bad American television.

Still feeling the influence of the swine as late as yesterday, instead of staying home sniffling and feeling sorry for myself i honoured my inner Bacchus, frequented the Cuckoo's Nest for eight hours and drowned the swine out with Jameson.

It seems to have done the trick.

Meanwhile, the swine continues to linger in multiple pockets of the world. Thankfully, the real flu, ie - the fear, has slowly dissipated; i dare say we're all better off, though, perhaps not as well off as Baxter and Glaxo who sensibly shipped out all that Tamiflu well before the public stopped soiling their dacks in panic.

As 'regular run of the mill non-pig' flu continues to knock off between 250,000 and 500,000 people a year worldwide, at last some sanity and truth has chimed in to balance out the rampant hysteria of prior months.

Here is a little dig i wrote on the Swine back in its early stages.

Expect more diatribes and nuggety minutiae this week and beyond, courtesy of a de-swined writer armed with enthusiastic vigor for life post a forced week on his white ass.

Swine Flu 0. Dool 1.

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