Ferrari Guy

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet allegedly the most photographed man on earth next to the President.

Introducing Ferrari guy…

Operating perhaps one of the greatest and most authentic limousine services in all and sundry, Ferrari guy is a rare find.

For a generous $300 an hour, Ferrari guy offers a chaperone service around the scenic views of Chicago in his sweet custom red convertible Ferrari, complete with 24kt gold rims, 3.8 litre engine and 220 mph on the dash.

Feeling the downturn pinch? Fear not. For a meagre $150, Ferrari guy will get your juices flowing with a tidy 20-minute fang around the block.

For no extra charge, he’ll probably take his shirt off.

Ultimately, you’re not just paying for the ride, you’re paying for the chauffeur. Rollin with Ferrari guy guarantees instant cred, making you look pimp as hell next to his bronzed nipples, rocking out to REO Speedwagon, inhaling 490 horsepower worth of Illinois breeze.

Ferrari guy is the real deal, an artful fusion of Kenny G, Rod Stewart and Italian engineering. According to my pal Danny, Ferrari guy would do well to offer additional mid-throttle lessons in shirtless, adult contemporary guitar.

Having downloaded a majority of tracks from the ultimate ‘Time Life’ 80’s rock ballad collection last night, coupled with the murky, overcast skies of New York City, what better a time to move to Chicago?

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