Franciscenglasia ’08!

36,000 feet beneath my elevated, cruising body winding plains flurry to and fro across a barren desert wilderness, ridges bending like wild snakes, breaking and connecting, on and on without conclusion, without reason and hardly without beauty. Synchronous with my hope, the spiritual heart of the country shows up out of the great wide nowhere, seducing my vision and my soul. The rock. The big fella. It’s right there and I have never been closer to it. As we soldier on I feel chuffed at our nation’s ability to construct commonsense, accurate titles for its big landmarks. The Great Sandy Desert is all three at once. Alas, the rendezvous with sandy turf is to be cut short for another time. Just a brief stopover, old bean. This bus is headed across oceans where the sun will blaze daily through the days that would normally constitute a nut cracking winter.

To the esteemed eyeballs honing in from back home at this moment in time, I welcome you all to the rejuvenated, international launch of the Buckmaster“ acclaimed Dog’s Breakfast Compendium of the Juicy minutiae of Life. Life has been good to this Dool, and I feel it in my bone that life is going to get even more wild. Accordingly, prepare for the dog’s breakfast to get that little more tasty, the compendium to get more systematically gathered, the juice to get more juicy and the minutiae more minute.

I preface the following account of discovery and adventure by divulging that not long ago I found myself at a life crossroad. I saw In the Wild at the cinema and it cut me deep to the core. I needed to shake up this life a little, for I’d gone and got too comfortable. The options were few. Should I return to tertiary study and bomb the brain with lecturing and late night stresses involving 1000’s of forgettable words? Or not? The latter got the gig and I find myself instead destined for new adventures in distant lands. In the tradition of the 2006 European Travelling freakshow Epic, I bring you the exclusive tales from the inaugural 2008 Asian, English, San Franciscan Epic of Mammoth Proportion. Also to be know as Franciscenglasia ’08! Settle yer kettle and strap on whatever needs to be strapped on. But not too tight, or you just may just burst.

The Qantas Airbird shoots towards the sun set on the dust horizon of this here leg. Inside the cabin, this here phoenix prepares to flap his wings from out of the ashes that defined his life of the past. We just hit the Indian Ocean and so far, no sign of any Indians.

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